Classes Offered


Beginner Pole

New to pole? Start here.

This class will introduce you to beginner pole moves, tricks, and spins. Designed for all fitness levels, absolutely no dance/fitness background required!


Pole Dancing is an all over body workout and a fun way to get in shape. Join other newbies and find out why pole dancing is so addictive! 


What to wear/bring:


-Tank Top

-Socks (heels optional)


*No lotions or oils prior to class*

Stretch Class

(All Levels)

This class is perfect for anyone who would love to  improve their flexibility- all levels welcome! 


Beginner/Intermediate Pole Tricks

This is a mixed levels class perfect for beginner & intermediate pole students. Build on foundations, learn new transitions,  improve old & new tricks, and get ready for a workout!


What to bring/wear:


-Tank Top


*No lotions or oils before class*

Pole Flow

This class is a favorite among students. Learn how to properly flow from one trick to the next with grace & ease. Come learn a fun pole/floor work routine and piece all those beautiful moves you’ve been learning together!


- Heels (optional)



Climbs & Inverts 

(All Levels)

Ready to get off the floor & upside down? 

This class is perfect for polers looking to up their skills, build strength, & stamina off the floor & in the air! Learn techniques, new skills  and enjoy creative exercises to help you conquer your climb and nail your invert! Whether you're just learning to climb and invert or just want to smooth & strengthen your lines then this class is for you! See you in the air, 

Intermediate Pole (Level 2/3)

Been pole dancing for awhile and ready for a challenge?

This class is perfect for any students wanting to become a more versatile artist. Learn intermediate pole tricks, flows and transitions. 

Students must be able to climb and invert from the floor. 


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